As you’re increasing your prayer time with GOD, it is imperative that you take note of these three enemies of prayer.

1.) Mental Distractions: The enemy doesn’t want you to focus during prayer, and is coming after your Mediation being on GOD. He will bring all sorts of distractions to your mind during prayer. You will find yourself thinking about the most irrelevant subjects such as what you’re going to eat; what you’re going to wear; and did you lock the door. You could be in the middle of prayer when the enemy shows up with a random thought to derail you from your time with GOD. If that’s happening to you, no worries, it happens to everyone who intentionally set time for devotion. During this time be sure to cast down all imaginations that attempt to exalt itself against GOD. Command your mind to line up, and be subject to the Spirit of GOD. In doing that, you’re learning to practice hosting the presence of GOD, and teaching your flesh to submit.

It’s a challenge in the beginning; however as you continue to pray, your mind will be set. It will be learned, trained, and disciplined to seek the Lord. Therefore; be encouraged, and continue to pray. Simply, detox your mind during times of prayer. Calm your spirit, and reset if needed. Command your mind to line up and obey your time of prayer by being quiet. Stillness is powerful. Oftentimes we try to force prayer, when we should just be still. The more you practice mental detox during your prayer time, the clearer your mind will become.

2.) False claims from the enemy that you’re just babbling & GOD doesn’t hear you. Trust me, GOD hears you, and you’re not babbling. You’re praying, and the enemy is upset bc you’re using your supernatural language or roars to make contact with GOD. Hell is getting nervous bc you’re no longer depending on your native language to articulate to GOD. Keep roaring, and keep allowing the spirit to flow. Your mind is unfruitful to what’s happening; however you’re making moves in the spirit!

3.) Forced tongues: Don’t focus so hard on speaking in tongues that your time with GOD becomes carnal. Yield gently to the spirit, and allow the rivers to flow. When your mind tries to pray in tongues simply, pause, regroup and flow. This isn’t demonic warfare time where you are conjuring up tongues. This is times of refreshing & allowing the spirit to pray through you. If it becomes warfare, let it be spirit led & not carnally led by you