Being entrusted with influence is something I value, and also something I protect.  What I have discovered over the years, is whatever you value, you will protect.  I am a firm believer that influence is powerful, and should be governed properly.  When you understand the weight of who you are, what you carry, and the responsibility that comes with it, you will honor it, and secure it.  Influence should be something you honor, something you cherish, and something you want GOD to trust you to carry.  Regardless of your role, occupation, income, or amount of social media followers, influence is something we all have in our possession.  How you see it, and how you handle it will determine if you can be trusted with more of it.  Having influence, and not knowing what to do with it, is like having a pencil, and not knowing how to write with it. 

Influence is powerful.  When GOD is preparing you for influence, HE begins to deal with your personal character, to prepare you for a great responsibility.  Some people have failed to recognized the significance of influence, and it’s true meaning.  Influence is not based on popularity; celebrity status, or followers.  Influence is “Impact” and your ability to lead and shift the lives of others.  Influence is a responsibility because you are able to influence others without even opening your mouth.  Influence carries weight, and GOD is looking for those who are able to carry his weight with responsibility.  Influence requires a clear head, and a clear focus.  You must be able to discern well, and make the right decision even if it requires saying “NO.”  When you have influence, you just can’t say or do anything you want to do.  You have to use discernment because your endorsement to a person or situation carries weight.  

Rather you recognize it or not, you have some form of influence in your sphere of authority.  Influence requires accountability; humility; discernment, and skill. The more influence you have, the more responsibility you are given.  Many people ask GOD for more; without recognizing that when GOD give you more, HE requires more of you and from you.