Feminine Progression


Walking out of homosexuality is one thing, but what happens when you’ve developed a culture from the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to living? I thought going to the altar was the most difficult step in my deliverance process. I never counted the cost of my life being transformed and completely reset by GOD. The altar process was one step for me. However, GOD didn’t just deliver me from homosexuality, he took me on a journey of deliverance from the culture. I had to rediscover my feminine nature, and allow Jesus to take the wheel in the process of giving me beauty for ashes.

In this book, Feminine Progression, you will learn how GOD reset my beauty, reset my heart, reset my identity and reset my life. You will know the heart of the stud, and how you must change both her garments, and her culture, and not slaughter the cocoon before she develops her wings, beauty, shape, and color; and transforms into a butterfly.