One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in life, is the consequence of refusing to finish as hard as you began.  I can recall my years of playing College Basketball, and how I would always be the first in the gym, the last one to leave, and typically the one who would go the extra mile to improve.  I was so focused on getting better, improving, and developing my game, that it provoked me to give my best.  Giving my best came easy, because I was focused on the goal.  However, once I developed into the star player, became the captain on the team, and sealed the starting position, I was satisfied.  My satisfaction level, caused my work ethic to decline, my focus to shift, and my position to be taken.  Yes, I said it.  My position was taken by a Freshmen rookie, who decided she wanted my position more than me.  So she began working hard, giving her best, and developing, while I was resting in stagnation mode.  Suddenly, my position was taken, and I found myself confused on what happened, how did I lose something that I was sure of.  I became stagnant, and lost my position.  It is imperative that you give your best in every season.  Give your best during your failures, and during your success.  Never allow your season to determine how much you put into giving your best.  Alway give your best.