I get asked this question all the time. “How do I gain influence.” Influence is powerful, influence is simply the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. Some of the most powerful synonyms of influence is: impact; control; sway; power; authority; leadership; direction and guidance. Again, influence is powerful. I’ve also heard people say, “I don’t need influence.” My face is always astonished, like, “Wow, do you have any idea what you are saying.” When you are declaring you don’t need influence, you are diminishing your power to walk in leadership, and demoting yourself from making an impact. Your words have power, and when you make those statements, you are demoting your impact.

Say this after me. “Influence is powerful, and I want influence.” Awesome, now say it over and over again until you feel the spirit of influence manifest in your life. Influence is not based on followers. Influence is based on your ability to impact and shift something or someone. Once I discovered the mantle of influence, my life shifted. This week, I want to speak on how to unlock influence, followers, ideas, and doors in your life. I shared on this week’s video one special key that has worked for me in my ministry, and business. I am wiling to give you all my strategies, so you can implement them in your life. So I’ll drop this teaser in the blog, so you are hungry for tomorrow’s video.

This one key, will unlock influence for you. The key is “FLAWS.” I’ll leave this right here, so you can have anticipation, and a desire to jump on this week’s lesson. Yessssssss, a teaser. I want you to wonder over, and over in your mind, what does FLAWS have to do with influence.