I am so excited to assist you with unlocking supernatural strategies for your next dimension in GOD.  This powerful key has been unlocking some major doors in my life.  Doors that I never dreamed of, are being unlocked right before my eyes.  As a Coach, it’s my responsibility to share with you what works for me. This code being unlocked in my life, has shifted my perspective on how I see my now and how I see my future.  When I declare my future is secured, I mean it with everything inside of me.  I want that same confidence to be released upon your life.  I am eager to dive deeper into the context of how honoring the LORD is the key to your now, and your next. Last week, I spoke about GOD storing up blessings for those who fear HIM.  Again the Fear I’m referring to is honor; respect; awe, and reverence.  To consider the LORD, and have a High regard for HIS presence.  Whew just the mentioning of HIS presence stirs me.  

This week, I want to talk about how to access the realm of “No Want.”  

 Did you hear me?  There is a realm where GOD not only meets your needs; but HE is also securing your wants.  Can you imagine living free from worry; anxiety, and wonder of what your future is going to be like, or how you’re going to accomplish specific task.  To live a stress free life where everything you need, and want is met.  A level of peace that allows you the time, and space to be focused on GOD.  For some of you that may sound like a task.  “To focus on GOD” because the way GOD has been presented has been overbearing, or boring.  However, there is a powerful place in GOD where your devotion becomes more enjoyable than anything else.  You will begin to yearn, and look for a place of solitude where you can sit, and meditate on HIS presence.  This takes time, and it also takes practice.  I am confident that your level of honor will increase, and you will begin to receive the benefits that comes from honoring the LORD.