As I was reflecting on the goodness of JESUS, and how much HE has provided, and done for me all of my life this one statement popped out in front of me.  “Sophia give me your best.”  That thing shook me to the core, as I pondered on those words wondering to myself, “Are you giving GOD your best.”  Then it hit me, that we are always asking GOD for something, requesting more, and expecting the best from GOD, when we refuse to stretch ourselves beyond our capabilities.  The LORD began to unlock a revelation that blessed me, and this week I am going to bless you with a weapon that’s going to shift your perspective.  Instead of asking for more, how about you give more.  Your limit is not GOD’s limit.  Your reach is not GOD’s reach.  Your capabilities are not even scratching the service when compared to GOD, and what HE has planned for you.  I heard a wise man say, When you come to the end of yourself, you are at the beginning of GOD. Therefore; I am going to challenge you to stretch yourself these next few months, and begin to give GOD your best.  The moment you pour out your best, GOD intervenes and picks up where you left off.  When you can’t go anymore, or do anymore, that’s when GOD comes in and assist you with HIS best.  Laziness, complacency, pride, and stagnation will not get you into destiny.  It’s going to take you being willing to offer your best to GOD, if you are going to break into the destiny that has been preordained for you.  

Give and Do the best every chance you get.  Don’t compare your best to someone else’s best.  Maximize your best at your level, and in due season you will see the reward of giving your best.  Give the best praise; the best worship; the best seeds; the best love; the best in absolutely everything you do!!!!!!!!!