Have you ever heard someone say, “GOD is going to give you witty ideas?”  To be honest, I’ve heard that so many times, and even had that prophesied into my life.   I had no idea what exactly witty ideas was; however I knew it was something unique, and I wanted to possess those type of ideas.  Often times people receive prophetic words, yet they fail to investigate, seek after, and pursue the meaning of the word in detail.  I guess since, I’m being honest, I can admit in my early days of ministry I would shout, fall out, and speak in tongues, all while going home with just a word, and no understanding on how to war over that word until I seen manifestation.  If you all would be honest for a second, I’m sure you all would agree you’ve done that before.  

After hearing witty ideas, and wanting it so badly, I decided to pursue the meaning.  What I discovered was that witty ideas were “GOD’s ideas, GOD’s wisdom of creating.”  That stirred me to the core, and I instantly embraced the word of the LORD.  I even pray that prayer now over my life, and yours.  I often times find myself asking GOD to grant us with witty ideas, and to give us the wisdom to govern those ideas.  What if I told you, it’s GOD’s desire to give us HIS ideas, HIS wisdom, and HIS manifestation?  The notable key is to pray in the Spirit so you are able to release the mind and will of GOD into your life.