Have you ever wondered to yourself, what is a brand? Well, let’s make it more personal. Have you ever wondered to yourself, what is my brand? If I can be honest, I didn’t know what my brand was, nor the importance of having a brand; especially living in a social media, branding and marketing generation where technology is everything. To be honest, if you are not careful, you can find yourself making your brand your idol, and that’s where the error begins. Branding is scriptural and very important; however, we must have a balance keeping branding in its proper place, and GOD in the highest seat.

I am so excited to teach a branding series to help you with setting boundaries and unlocking the beauty of your brand. Some of you may be thinking, I don’t have a brand, I don’t have a product, and I don’t have a following. Well, to be honest, you can have a brand without a product and without a following. Yes, I said it correctly. You can have a brand without a product and without a following. How Coach is this possible? I was waiting for you to ask.

You are your brand. You are GOD’s chosen vessel, and for many of you who haven’t fully embraced your assignment, it’s important for you to understand who you are, and how you are your brand. There are so many different areas I can teach on; however, to kick off our lesson on branding, I want to begin with you. You are unique, set apart, and wonderfully made. The moment you buy into the fact that you are a brand is the moment you will experience tremendous breakthrough as we move forward in CBK Prep School.

I will begin by teaching that you are your brand and discuss the ministry of branding. There are some powerful secrets I will share with you on my small beginnings, that will inspire you to build. Yes, I said build. You are not too small to be great. You are being equipped for GOD to expand your borders, and unlock the creator in you. The more you know the CREATOR, the more your creative genius is released. GOD didn’t need to brand, HE was the BRAND. The same Genius that’s in GOD, is now inside of you.

Are you excited yet? Are you stirred up? Well, I hope so, because I want to share my behind the scene wisdom on branding, and how to maximize the best you, to bring out the best in you, so the world can see what GOD has done through you.

Here’s a secret, you have a brand rather you know it or not. There is a difference between a brand and branding. You are the brand; however, branding is the process of creating experiences, and images you desire for people to have and remember when encountering your organization or your ministry. Branding is not just a logo; colors; or a theme. Branding is an experience.

I pray this has stirred you up.