Hearing the voice of GOD is one of the most amazing benefits of salvation.  Having

divine access to the supernatural realm, where you are able to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the Church. The church within you, because you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  I can recall days in my past where I struggled with hearing the voice of GOD.  I often wondered, Lord is this you speaking or is this me.  I was so confused, and desired to hear the voice of GOD so bad.  I would even look up messages, on how to hear and discern the voice of GOD.  

 Can any of you relate?  Have you ever wondered what the voice of GOD sounds like?  Awesome, I’m glad you’re being transparent. (smile, I´m speaking directly to you.)  

Discerning the voice of GOD is key to living a victorious life.  You must have the skill to decipher what’s GOD; what’s the enemy, and what’s you.  There are three channels I want to address in this blog.  

The key word I want to highlight is decipher:  The ability to decode; break; solve; interpret and translate.  GOD wants to increase your ability to decipher what’s HIS voice and what’s not.   

Isn’t it crazy, how we can hear the voice of the enemy clearly, yet struggle with hearing GOD´s voice.  The enemy is loud, and his voice is audible.  He’s consistently on an attack to persuaded and shift us from our assignment and purpose.  The voice of the enemy is always contrary to the word of GOD.  The enemy’s assignment is to condemn you, and keep you from your true identity in Christ.  He will use scripture to convince you that he’s spiritual, when he’s perverting the word of GOD to deceive you.  So here’s a key that the enemy is speaking.  You will feel condemned and not convicted.  You will feel a sense of darkness; confusion; and a lack of peace.  These are key signs that this is not GOD.   

When GOD speaks, it brings peace, conviction, clarity, and love.  GOD is the word, so when GOD is speaking it is the word of GOD that flows. The more you know the word, the more you know GOD´s voice.  John 1 declares in the beginning was the word, and the word was GOD, and the word was with GOD.  The word became flesh.  So the voice of GOD is HIS word.  When you read the word, you are hearing the voice of GOD.   

Often times when you hear GOD speaking, it will sound like you.  You will hear the voice of GOD in a still small voice; however it will sound like you.  GOD isn’t speaking with a strange voice to get your attention, HE’s speaking with a familiar voice, that comes from within, and that voice will be one that you recognize. You will be surprised how much GOD speaks.  GOD is simply waiting on you to respond to HIS voice.  Remember when GOD called Moses to the burning bush in  Exodus 3.  GOD called Moses, and Moses initiated a response; which unlocked more of GOD’s voice in that moment.  When you hear GOD speak, what is your response?   

GOD is waiting on you to imitate an ongoing dialogue.