The past few days, I’ve been preaching on the glory.  I’ve witnessed children get delivered, and families get restored in the glory.  Suddenly, I realized how the glory can change everything.  Literally one moment in the glory, can shift the trajectory of your life.  I believe we are entering a time where we are going to go after the glory like never before.  I can recall Prophet Kevin Leal declaring over me, that I would change my generation with the glory of GOD.  Now, I’m seeing the fruit of that declaration.  

I have witnessed many people get stuck in ministry, stuck in business, and stuck in their journey.  It’s like watching people jump, yet they are hitting their head on a glass ceiling, and unable to break through. However; I am beginning to see how GOD desires for us to break through glass ceilings, to enter into the promise that HE has already ordained for us.  One of the barriers hindering people from breaking through is because they get stuck in the anointing, and fail to step into the glory.  The anointing is powerful, the anointing gives you the ability to get you out of bondage; however it’s the glory that empowers you to inherit the promise.  

Look at the story of Moses in Exodus 33.  Moses was able to perform miracles with the help of the LORD, and was able to assist the children of Israel with deliverance from bondage; however he needed the glory for them to crossover into the promise.  Moses recognized that he needed something greater to get to the other side; therefore he requested for the glory.  GOD honored Moses request, and allowed HIS goodness to pass by him.  I believe we are entering a season where the request for glory, will cause GOD’s goodness to pass by us.   This will be a season that you do everything in the glory, and when you do, the promise will manifest.