Witty Ideas are “GOD ideas.” It takes the Spirit of GOD to know the mind of GOD. Therefore, when ideas form, The Spirit of GOD is equipped with the wisdom; knowledge; counsel; understanding & might you need to execute the plan. Oftentimes, we get discouraged when GOD downloads an idea because we don’t know how to execute the plan. Can I help you? It will take the Spirit of GOD.  

There is a creative genius in each of us. This creativity is bigger than human intellect. You will never be skilled enough to complete a Witty Idea. You need the Spirit of GOD. The Spirit of GOD is more than tongues. The Spirit of GOD is your Helper & this week I’m eager to share with you how the Helper is invested in every detail of your life. Once you initiate and activate the Helper you will witness your life; ministry; brand and business transform.